Formal structure of our organisation

ALEDURAS consists formally of two different entities: The Trägerverein ALEDUARS e.V. (mother organisation) and the Förderverein ALEDURAS e.V. (supporting organisation). The Förderverein ALEDURAS e.V. is responsible for fundraising through donations and membership fees. The Trägerverein ALEDURAS e.V. is taking all decisions with regards to strategy and processes and is distributing the money collected by the Förderverein to our scholarship recipients.


The organization has officially been registered with the Amtsgericht (local court) in Berlin-Charlottenburg with the number VR 26759B and has been recognized as charitable by the Finanzamt für Koerperschaften 1 Berlin (local fiscal authority), tax number 27/665/62006, on 31/3/2010.

S Förderverein e.V. (supporting organisation)

The ALEDURAS Förderverein has been registered by the Amtsgericht Charlottenburg Berlin (judicial authority) with the number VR 26759. Its charity status has been applied for at the financial authority in charge.

Broad partner structures

Additionally ALEDURAS is embedded in a large network of partners in Germany and in Honduras. We are solely financing ourselves through donations and membership fees and are committed to full transparency and professionalism.

Donations account

Deutsche Bank PGK AG Berlin
Account number: 091 500 900
Sort code: 100 700 24
IBAN: DE49 10070024 
00915009 00





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