Acting Partner

Club Rotaract de Tegucigalpa

The Club is in charge of organizing the selection process, is mentoring and supervising the ALEDURAS scholarship recipients, reports back to us on a monthly basis about their academic and social project work and keeps contact to our social project partners on our behalf.

Financial Partner

Rotary Club Villareal de Tegucigalpa

The Club supports us in dealing with the financial transfers from Germany to Honduras and is managing the monthly money transfers to our scholarship recipients. The Club also supports them in their professional development.

Social Project Partners

The orphanage Our Little Sisters and Brothers

is being supported by ALEDURAS scholarship recipients as an honorary engagement as part of their social project work committtment. They join the team for a specified amount of hours before, during and after their course of studies, in order to support the daily work in the project.


With Habitat for Humanity Honduras

ALEDURAS scholarship recipients work together in order to build houses and shelter for Honduran families in need.

Supporting Partners

The German-Honduran Chamber of Commerce

is taking part in the evaluation of Honduran capacity needs in order for us to take decisions on the fields of study advertised. Moreover they serve as an important professional point of contact for ALEDURAS scholarship recipients in the future.

With the German Academic Exchange Service

we are cooperating in view of enabling a better knowledge transfer. The DAAD supports us in the preparation, guidance and implementation of our scholarship recipients when studying one term in Germany.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit

(German Technical Development Cooperation) office in Honduras is cooperating with us in the evaluation of capacity gaps as well as in providing options for further education in the fields of development policy and developmental issues.

With the Deutsche Entwicklungsdienst

(German Development Service) we are also cooperating in the fields of evaluation and excellence.

The Senior Expert Service (SES) supports our students with its excellence.


Moreover, we are in regular contact with the following organisations/institutions or their representatives: 

German Embassy in Honduras

Embassy of the Republic of Honduras in Berlin

Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst (Protestant Development Service)

Donations account

Deutsche Bank PGK AG Berlin
Account number: 091 500 900
Sort code: 100 700 24
IBAN: DE49 10070024 
00915009 00





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