Why help Honduras?

Honduras is situated in the heart of Central America. In the west, it is bordering Guatemala; in the south El Salvador and Nicaragua. Its nothern shores are framed by the Carribean sea whereas in the south it reaches the Pacific.

Extreme poverty

Despite its tropical climate, which is ideal for tourism, Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. The average per capita income of the seven millions Hondurans is around 1000 US $ a year. Over two thirds of Hondurans are living below the poverty line of 2 US$ per day. 45 per cent of those live in absolute poverty, i.e. of less than 1 US$ per day. The result is high malnutrition, a high mortality rate for children as well as insufficient primary education. As shown in the Human Development Report 2007/2008, this means Honduras? Human Development Index of 0,7 is below the central and Latin-American average ranking the country on 115 of 177 possible.

Extreme inequality

Additionally, Honduras is one of the most unequal countries worldwide. The poorest 20 percent account for only three percent of national income. This gap is likely to grow if no adequate measures are taken.

Partner country of German development cooperation

Honduras is a partner country of the German development cooperation. The main reason for Honduras? lagging development is, according to the German Ministry for Development and Economic Cooperation (BMZ), its undeveloped industry, which results in a limited international competitiveness. Further impediments to development are the high unemployment rate, high social inequality levels as well as widespread corruption and crime. The German development dooperation in Honduras focuses on education, environmental protection and the protection of ressources as well as on sustainable economic development.

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