How do we guarantee sustainability?

When we developed our strategy it was our guiding principle to ensure the sustainability of our efforts. We want to make sure that ALEDURAS is delivering effective aid and that financial and ideational support do not go up in smoke. This is why ALEDURAS stands for sustainability on all levels:

Sustainability of the sponsorship concept

The academic, practical as well as ideational support we are providing to our scholarship recipients is specifically geared towards contributing to the sustainable development of Honduras. We are, for example, in cooperation with local experts evaluating which field of study we will support with our scholarships. We are also specifically educating our scholarship recipients in developmental issues as well as in social responsibility. And, last but not least, we are making sure the capacities we build are being multiplied through the ALEDURAS-sponsorship-network.

Process sustainability

Our strategy is based on ownership and partnership. Local organisations are in charge of managing the processes in Honduras. This strengthens ownership and builds local capacities.

Sustainability of financing

The ALEDURAS financing concept is equally sustainable. By accepting the scholarship the recipients commit to work in social projects. This means every single Euro invested in our scholarship recipients generates immediate and additional value. Moreover, we have developed incentive schemes for the time after graduation. These ensure that ALEDURAS scholarship recipients will in fact devote their skills to contributing to the sustainable development of Honduras and that ALEDURAS and following ALEDURAS generations will benefit of these skills and resources in the longterm.

Sustainability of internal organisation management

In our daily work we are concerned with a sustainable organisation management. Be it an effective division of labor, be it growing gradually or be it doing without air travel when managing application procedures by using modern information technologies instead.

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